Ready, Steady.. PING!

Day 2 of my reprise from the pit of Slimming World abstinence. As you would have read yesterday, Day 1 was a rocky start, apparently knocking coffee on the head, refraining from indulging in a whole host of junk food and the pressure of daily life was too much to bare for this lady!

All is not lost though, it did finish  better than it started. I managed to overcome ‘elevenses’, ‘three-ses’ and ‘all day-ses’. Huge hurrah for me. Last night I had to run a few errands and resolve the constant barrage of problems my car is running in to – meaning I didn’t sit down for dinner until after 9pm. But thankfully the Slimming World gods delivered in the form a Sweet Potato Curry ready meal. Bloody marvellous!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, are new to Slimming World, or have never heard of it… you will know that they have created a range of ready meals in partnership with Iceland. From what I have seen online and posts from fellow instagrammers  there has been mixed reviews. Not just on the tastes, portion sizes and quality (all of which vary). But the premise that Slimming World have even considered bringing out a ready meal range! I mean, how dare this company that promotes home cooking from scratch create a range that goes against it’s very fibre…? 

These reviews annoy me, yes SW is about all those things, but like anyone who has followed a diet – sometimes the biggest obstacle to success is time and preparation! By the time we have got home, sorted the kids out, been to the gym, done the housework, put the kids to bed, prepared for tomorrow’s meeting, removed dried cheerios embedded in the carpet (No? Just me then.)… There is often little time for anything else, and that is when a ready meal comes in handy. I don’t believe it goes against what SW promote, I actually think they are feeding a need of their consumer… Like all good businesses do. Yes, let’s not forget SW is a business – albeit a business that cares, but in order to meet the ever growing competition and continue to provide us with the plans we love, the groups we have formed friends in, and the leaders we aspire to they need to continue to generate additional income. And in a bid to maintain their values, they provide you with the exact method on the back of the packet so you can recreate it when you are less time-poor. Even Iceland have got involved in this and share the recipes on their website – you can check them out and the full range here. Although I must say, my attempts at recreating any SW recipe rarely ends up as it should.. Seriously how do you put yoghurt into hot curry without it splitting?? I’m desperate to know… Anyway this is my 2 pence worth, lay off hating the ready meals and embrace them – after all they are yummy!

What are your views on them? Have you tried any? Are you a fan? Do you think they are against the values of Slimming World, or do you thank the batch cooking chefs for their recent creations..? One thing is for sure, I am sure we can all agree a “microwave minute” is in no way 60 seconds and lasts a lifetime!

So with Day 1 behind me, rocky but successful. Today started on a brighter note. The morning ran smoothly as I enjoyed a large cup of coffee – just the one! And breakfast was another simple affair of yoghurt and alpens – my quest next week is to ramp up my breakfast ideas, and start mixing things up.. Have you got any suggestions for easy breakfasts that are good for work?

I was a little unsure on the lunch front, and despite being starving – I was worried that it wouldn’t quite satisfy my needs. Rattling my way through our freezer of SW ready meals I had Chicken Pizzaiola, I think I must have mistaken it for “Chicken Pizza” when I barged my way through the gaggle of SW shoppers as they descended upon a fresh delivery.. But I have to say, after waiting 15 microwave minutes, otherwise known as a lifetime, and plated it up with a side of leaves and onion – it was bloody good! So now I have another tool to add to my armoury in my bid to beat the bulge – fast!   

Tonight we are off to the theatre as a belated birthday gift from the lady, The Woman in Black. I have heard that it is terrifying and to be prepared. So I am braced for that. However the one thing that fills my mind with an impending doom is food – I find it sad that this is at the forefront of my mind, but habits are ingrained in my brain and I am a  at heart. It is just natural for me that a night out inevitably involves food – popcorn at the cinema, a  AND nachos… Sweets, chocolate and snacks at the theatre… What’s a girl to do? Well tonight, this girl is going to fight the habits and take a new approach to the theatre by focusing on what’s happening on the stage, rather than what is going in my mouth However it doesn’t help that there will be a short time frame from finishing work and getting to the theatre, but we aren’t letting that knock us off of our galloping SW horse. Oh no. As the ready meal supplies are quickly dwindling, the lady is going to throw a quick  pasta and sauce together.. If you are yet to discover these, they are a new range that  has launched – there are a variety of flavours, all of which are  quite lowly, but the Tomato and Basil one is syn free and thrown together in less than 10 minutes! Another great alternative for those who are short on time. 

Wish us luck as we endeavour to let old habits die and pave the path for new ones… I will update you tomorrow to let you know if we avoided the snack tube of , and bags of  randoms… Yes I said BAGS – what of it? 😉 

In summary, the overall theme of today’s post – is good food quick. Share your favourites, what meals are great to throw together in super quick time?

Let me know! 

L xx

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