Oooops, didn’t quite manage a post yesterday but work was hectic and it was of course WEIGH DAY *Dun dun duuuuuuun*!

I remember a time when Thursday’s used to be full of excitement, I would watch the clock and anticipate jumping on the scales with huge excitement – a feeling that could almost be compared to “the Friday feeling”. I knew that I would have had a great week sticking to the plan religiously and could quite easily see a 3 or more lb loss… And it was that feeling that spurred me on every week to do better, loose more and eventually get to target.

When maintaining though, you don’t get that same buzz – there is nothing more to aim for, Thursday’s aren’t as exciting and I’m not especially engaged in group discussions. There is nothing that drives maintenance in Slimming World, or in fact any diet programme. So it is of no surprise that since Christmas I have wavered from my original target weight, lost my “lifetime membership” and now find myself once again a paying member.

I think that is motivation enough for me to stop gaining and start losing again – I don’t want to pay £5 a week to gain weight. That’s ridiculous, and less money for me to spend on takeaway… or perhaps that is the point? Anyway, last week after sitting in group, fading in and out of conversation, I realised that the 4lb I gained needed to go, as did the other 8lb that had gradually crept on since Christmas.

I used to be a yo-yo dieter before I found a plan that was flexible and suitable for my needs – so now there was no excuse for me to continue to yo-yo. When my consultant came round the circle and asked me if I “wanted to put a number on it for this week” my reply was simple “yes, 4”. I wanted to lose the 4 I had just put on – I knew that it would be a steep hill to climb even by sticking to it, and may be a little unrealistic, but I wouldn’t let that deter me. And so my SW reprise was born.  

If you have been following me this week, you will know that I have been focusing on regaining my mojo and sticking to the plan like a newbie. Back to basics. This has had a couple of challenging moments, but otherwise it has been a breeze, courtesy of a microwave and the Slimming World chef’s (remember don’t hate… embrace!).

Every morning I have got out of bed, had a morning wee and jumped on the scales in just my pants, eagerly waiting for the number to settle and gradually see it reduce. By Wednesday night I was feeling a little nervous, 13st 3.8lb…. in order to achieve my 4lb target I needed 13. 2lb bang on. So as weigh day was just one sleep away I wasn’t feeling especially optimistic.

I knew 4lb was a big target, and I knew that achieving it wasn’t a definite, but despite this I couldn’t help but feel a little deflated that I hadn’t quite managed it! Chantal’s advice is always the same: “It isn’t Thursday yet…” and whilst I hate to admit it, she is always right. It wasn’t Thursday, I still had another 8 hours sleep and a day of work to get through.

Weigh-day rituals are always the same (except those few months where they became really extreme – I shared that with you previously). I do the same thing every week. Eat light, stop drinking before 12pm, and weigh in nothing more than a vest and shorts – yes, even in the midst of winter! Trust me, it isn’t advised… But all in the name of weight management right? Yesterday was no exception – I had a busy morning, which to be honest helped distract me from my rumbling tummy. But what I did notice what different, was the excitement and anticipation I felt. The little flutter in my tummy as I hoped that I had, achieved my goal.

Weighing every day is never encouraged by weight loss professionals, they say that it could become damaging if you don’t see a result you hope for. However, for me this isn’t the case, if I see that I have lost weight I am encouraged to continue striving to lose more, and if I see less of a loss than I expected I am even more driven to eat well and shift it. However weighing became a little obsessive yesterday as I jumped on the scales after every wee from 2pm – not a usual thing for me to do, but easy when you are working from home!

I had weighed first thing and yelped as I saw 13st 2.2lb… 0.2lb stopped me from achieving the 4lb I had worked my ass off for! Regardless, it wasn’t 13lb 3.8lb and it was only 0.2lb off of 4! I couldn’t help but feel pretty happy about that, I just prayed that it would remain that throughout the day… so after every afternoon wee, I weighed – it didn’t change – I stayed hopeful, and still happy with what I had done.

I logged off at 5pm, changed into vest and shorts – thankfully it was a lot warmer yesterday than December – had one last wee, sucked in a huge breath and stood on the scales… I exhaled. 13lb 2lb EXACTLY!!! Fan-bloody-dozy! But then I thought – this was on our scales! What if they were different at group? They are usually pretty spot-on but can be 1/2lb out either way if they have been recently calibrated… So whilst it looked as though I was home and dry I couldn’t be sure… Only one way to find out!

Chantal had also had a good week – she too got back on plan, but had been troubled with some IBS symptoms. I came home Tuesday to find her crying and writhing around in pain – a swift visit to the doctors, we are now awaiting the results of a poo test to determine the cause (sorry TMI?). As a result she hasn’t been able to eat much, BUT when she has eaten she hasn’t used her low calorie intake as an excuse to eat crap, which I definitely would have – so I feel her results this week are absolutely deserved, despite her feeling as though she cheated.

Anyway, I shan’t leave you in suspense anymore… We got to group – the queue was out the door… Right, yes, no more suspense – Ok. Fast forward >> queuing, paying, having a catch up chat, whipping of my clothes – and now: standing on the scales, glasses are off and the gloves are on. The number bounded around – at one point showing 12.13! That lasted milliseconds though before finally settling on 13…… 1……5!! 13st 1.5lb! A whopping total of 4.5lb off! I squealed, performed a rock band style jump (think McBusted!) and sighed… happy that the popcorn and Malteesers I had for dinner at the theatre hadn’t scuppered my chances of hitting my goal!

A quick congratulations from Chantal, and it was her turn… There had been just as much anticipation. Before leaving the house she too weighed and was sitting in a new number by just 0.5lb…. Now everyone who loses weight, understands how important those milestones are, a new number gives you the boost to make sure you don’t get back in to them! Especially when you have already jumped up once before… A new number looks different – even if it is by just 0.5lb! A new number feels different! So when she stood on the scales we both held our breath, I wanted her to get that new number just as much as she wanted it – to reassure her that the pain she had gone through the last week, and the unintended grumbles in her stomach weren’t for nothing.

In all things confidential at Slimming World, despite us living together and sharing everything together, understandably we aren’t allowed to look at each other’s results on the scales. But an enthusiastic congratulations from the weigh lady and a wry smile from Chantal – told me she had done it! A whopping 4lb off – put her in a new number. *High fives all round*

So that was weigh in and another week over and done with, it hadn’t quite been blood, sweat and tears, but it hadn’t been without its challenges either. We are now both ready for another week and there is only 6 weeks until Marbs!

This weekend does bring some harder moments though. Tomorrow we are due to attend a family fun day put on by my company – there will be lots of fun for the adults and the kids, as well as lots of food… BBQ’d food, GOOD food…. Bloody food! I’m not sure what our plan of attack will be, but I hope that we can steer clear of the bread rolls, and that the smell of smoking food doesn’t get the better of us and our good intentions…

I shall let you know how we get on whilst binging on Orange Is the New Black… WITHOUT TV SNACKS!!! (Virtual pats on the head are welcome….)

Until then…

L x


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