Woeful Weekends….

The weekend. A time for relaxing, socialising, family day’s out, binge watching on netflix… FOOD!!

I have come to the conclusion, that weekends are the devil to a diet. There is just so much temptation. After 5 solid days at work, the last thing I want to do is cook – that is why Friday’s are traditionally FIsh & Chips days right? Because nipping down the chippy on your way home is much more tempting than slaving over the cooker! And whilst I left you all on a positive note Friday afternoon, the weekend got the better of me just hours later…! Safe to say I am just human…

I got home, and I already knew that I didn’t want the shepherds pie that was waiting in the fridge. I knew what I wanted, the same thing I always want when I want to deviate… Dominoes…  The oil, grease, bread, garlic and herb dip… How can you possibly not want that? Luckily though – we weren’t hasty.. Flicking through instagram, the new Slimming World range came up – Chicken Sausages, Thai Chicken Burgers and Quarter Pounders.

Before the Dominoes app could even open, we were in the car and down the road to our local Iceland. I think we may need to re-evaluate our Friday night’s if the highlight is a trip to Iceland… But none the less, we got there just as the store was closing. A little bottom lip action, pleading the manager to let us in – we had completed our snatch and grab. Our loot consisted of Chicken Tikka, Chicken Pizziola, Sausages and burgers. Buying Slimming World food, let me refocus a little. I didn’t want to be on plan, but the idea of Pizza felt too naughty. We discussed the possibility of an Indian – that sounded pretty tempting – however that too seemed pretty silly given we had just brought a freezer full of Chicken TIkka.

We made the decision to compromise, we would have the SW Chicken Tikka – but to fulfil our natural desires to give in to temptation, we would have some nann bread and puppodoms.. I don’t even want to imagine how many syns a Dominoes is, but I felt a lot better that we had significantly less. Saturday would be a new day, we would get straight back on it with our Warm Breakfast Salad muster through the family funday and binge on Orange is the New Black, over a steaming plate of Shepherds Pie… That wouldn’t completely write off our week, and we could easily regain our mojo – simple right?

WRONG!! Oh. So. Wrong. Saturday we woke up and lazed around, didn’t head straight for the warm breakfast salad, and before we knew it, it was time to get ready, jump in the car and head in to the family fun day.. Where there would be food. Barbecued food.. It wasn’t going to be easy to abstain from eating completely – but we could make sensible choices. After all this is life, and we have choices. We don’t HAVE to completely veer off plan. Simple swaps – beef burgers for chicken – remove the roll and add some salad. That really is what makes Slimming World so good for some. It is flexible and easy to overcome social situations.. Unless of course you are me! Who finds it impossible to say no to the rolls…. Oh man I just love the rolls.. And now I am getting me some rolls.. However I managed chicken instead of beef and some pasta. So I didn’t go all out…

Until…. DOMINOES…. It was destined, it was meant to happen, the temptation was never going to go away. And what else accompanies a binge TV watch better than a slice of pepperoni..? I can tell you what – nothing! I feel like I should regret it, but I don’t. I’m human – I could beat myself up over and over again. But it won’t change anything, it happened and it can be rectified. It will be rectified though, through EESP! *cue angelic halo of light and chorus of ‘ahhhhh’s’*

So with the pizza well behind me, and the taste for salt, oil and grease out of my system – we were back on it. I constantly feel like I say, I am back on it! I need to realise that this is a lifestyle, it isn’t a ‘diet’ so much, I will forever eat the SW way, and I will sometimes deviate a little… Human nature!

This morning, I woke up at 9am – it was quiet, the bed was empty, I couldn’t hear the sound of Curious George, or feel small pointy toes digging in my ribs. I was confused and delirious. For anyone with children you will know that waking up at 9am feels like the middle of the day.. I panicked, reached for my phone and text Chantal – “Hello?”… Was this the start of the apocalypse, was I the only surviving member of civilisation left? Would I look out of the window and see a world of disarray – expected to fight for my survival and work my way through a new world? I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, my palms started to sweat, and my heart started to thud – I didn’t know whether to hide under the quilt, or jump out and be armed in just my pants.. My panic subsided though, when my beautiful lady peered round the corner clutching a cup of coffee.. Ahhh, normality had been resumed. I was safe, it just so happened that the lady had left me to sleep in – the world had not ended, and I didn’t need to fight for my survival in just my underwear!

The only zombie in the world, was me coming down the stairs like a member of the living dead, the coffee hadn’t quite kicked in, but the smell of food started to waft up my nostrils – and like the evolutionary chart I morphed from monkey to woman in minutes. Warm breakfast salad that had been scheduled for Saturday, was cooking and swiftly placed in my lap. I know, I am one lucky lady! The EESP day had started very, very well.. And I was stuffed.

Food didn’t cross my mind, once my long awaited Sony Smartwatch 3 arrived at the door. Chantal had bought me the fitbit for my birthday, but after a week using it I didn’t find it very accurate. Especially when it logged that I had climbed 24 floors, and taken 10,000 steps – whilst driving?! I still wanted something that would track my activity and being the self confessed geek that I am a smartwatch seemed to be a good way to go. I was right… I have spent the last 6 hours fiddling, and playing with it, Chantal feels that she has been divorced to an Android Wearable and my wrist hasn’t stopped vibrating… I’ll keep you posted with how I get on. I am feeling optimistic.

Even my inner geek couldn’t hide my grumbling tummy come 4.30pm, I had already taken a trip around Tesco’s and avoided anything convenient. Back home, vegetable soup was defrosting on the side, and Butternut Squash Chunks were roasting in the oven. SImple, yummy, and pretty much empty of calories. All in all, it has been a successful Sunday… Orange is the New Black is on and the vegetarian shepherds pie is finally in the oven!

I best sign off now, before Chantal disowns me for my unnerving attachment to technology.

L xx  

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