Getting to know Me, Myself & Pie

So, at 25 I was fat.

Fat picture

25  –  Very fat!

And now a year later I am 26 and less fat..

Less fat!

26 – Less fat!

The weight loss is courtesy of Slimming World and sheer determination. Having tried and tested many diets nothing really stuck, until now! In 9 months I have shed 7 stone, and have another 13lbs to go to target.

Writing a blog toward the end of my journey seems a little pointless, however I hope that from reading this people can see that loosing large amounts of weight whilst living life to the full is more than possible. I won’t lie, this journey hasn’t been a piece of cake (infact there has been very little cake) but it has been a lot easier than I initially anticipated. Without a shadow of a doubt Slimming World has changed my life.

From this blog you can expect:  (in no particular order)

  1. Profanity
  2. Sarcasm
  3. Honesty
  4. Randomness
  5. Word wanking
  6. And of course pictures of food!

I hope you enjoy it – follow me on instagram (@me.myself.and.pie) for some pictures of good food and the odd drunken selfie (all within syns – of course)!

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