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Wearables – what’s hot?

Fitness tracking, reading your emails at the flick of your finger – or just feeling like a marvel from the future. Wearable technology is taking the market by a storm. But what’s best?

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Woeful Weekends….

The weekend. A time for relaxing, socialising, family day’s out, binge watching on netflix… FOOD!!

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Oooops, didn’t quite manage a post yesterday but work was hectic and it was of course WEIGH DAY *Dun dun duuuuuuun*!
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“THE” Reinvention…

Anyone who loses weight, will see a physical change, no matter how big or small the loss. A few inches off the waistline, a little more definition in your face. There is always a form of transformation. Sometimes you don’t see it, and others will mention it. And it is that positive affirmation of change that often spurs us on to continue to lay off the crap, beat the cravings and keep going to the gym.  Continue reading

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Coffee, emotions… and eating!

I left you all last night proclaiming my new and refreshed look on slimming, I am resetting my journey and starting again with a target of 2 stone to lose. I went to bed feeling positive and ready for my new week, breakfast and lunch was in the fridge, my clothes were ironed and I was ready to embrace Monday….

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When does a fatty become a fattist?

Definition: Fattist – discrimination on the basis of weight, prejudice against those considered to be overweight

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An unhealthy obsession…

At what point does “Healthy Living” become “Unhealthy”?
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